Japanese Hand ToolsHere we feature several traditional Japanese hand tools or quality updates of traditional tools.

Scoop - Burgeon & Ball Stainless SteelStainless Steel Scoop manufactured by British tool makers Burgeon & Ball. Capacity approximately 1-cup volume. Approx. 12" overall length with a 5-1/2" scoop.

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Spear & Jackson ForkClassic line from Spear & Jackson English made tools. Hardwood handle and epoxy coated steel tines. Extended length steel shank provides resistance to bending. 11.5" length overall.

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Burgeon & Ball Mid-Length Handled Stainless Steel ForkThis long handled tool is well made and should provide many seasons of use. Traditional wood handled stainless steel fork. Approximately 18" overall length with a 3" x 5.5" flat fork tines.

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